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Attend a City Council Meeting

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All St. Petersburg City Council meetings are held at St. Pete’s City Hall -175 5th St North.  The public can attend in person or the meetings can be watched HERE.

As currently planned, there are two Committee of the Whole meetings.  There is no opportunity to speak at these meetings.  The first meeting is for discussion of the development of the 64 acres.   The second meeting is for discussion of the proposed new stadium.


The St. Petersburg City Council meetings are public forums where council members) discuss issues and pass resolutions and ordinances.

If you agree with us and have concerns about the new Rays/Hines stadium proposal, you can express them during the public comment portion of the next Council Meeting.  


Tips for speaking at the City Council meetings:

  1. Prepare your remarks and practice them at home.  You only have 3 minutes and they will cut you off right at 3 minutes. It's best if your remarks time out at about 2 1/2 minutes.

  2. If you would like us to review your comments, send them to nohomerun2024@gmail.comOne of us will get right back to you. 

  3. Arrive at least 15 minutes early so you can sign in to speak.

  4. In your remarks consider:

    • Suggest to them the current deal is not fair: Spending $2.4 billion ($1.66 billion by St. Petersburg and $800 million by Pinellas County) is not a home run. We deserve a fair deal. 

      • A fair deal = The Rays stadium pays taxes like all of us (the Rays are a private company).

      • A fair deal = The Rays split the team profits and share the profits if the team is sold since the city and county are paying for 1/2 the stadium cost.  (As proposed the Rays keep all the profits.)

      • A fair deal = Rays/Hines pay a fair price for the other 64 acres.

  5. Ask them if the city can afford to risk its credit rating borrowing, and then what happens if there is an emergency.

  6. Ask them to require an updated appraisal of the value of the property based on the plan for its development and to complete all of the other due diligence spelled out in the Analysis at

  7. Suggest that they slow down and make sure they have all the facts before any vote.  There is no rush, even though the Rays say there is. 

  8. Once they have all the facts, due to the monumental impact on the city, suggest they consult with residents to get their input before any vote - especially since polls and letters to the Tampa Bays Times show overwhelming lack of support for the deal. 

  9. Suggest that if the facts demonstrate what we are saying - ask them to require the city to renegotiate the deal so that the city has the funds for our other high priorities.

  10. There is no feedback from the council members during the meeting but we think hearing from us is valuable.  

Location: Council meetings are held in Council Chambers at St. Pete’s City Hall at 175 5th St North. See the Parking Map.

Upcoming Council Meetings


May 16 (Thurs) 3:30 pm

Upcoming Committee of the Whole Meetings

May 23 (Thurs) 9:00 am

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