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Attend a County Commission Meeting

Pinellas County Commission


Pinellas County Commission Meeting Information

*You can only speak at the regular board meetings.

Tips for speaking at the County Commission meetings:

  1. Prepare your remarks and practice at home. You only have 3 minutes, and they cut you off right at 3 minutes. ** It's best to time your remarks to about 2 1/2 minutes.

  2. If you would like us to review your comments, send them to nohomerun2024@gmail.comOne of us will get right back to you. 

  3. Arrive at least 15 minutes early so you can sign in to speak.

Important Points for Pinellas Decision Makers

In your remarks consider ways the current deal is not fair for Pinellas County:

  • Lost real estate taxes of $222 million.

    • What's a Fair Deal? The Rays must pay taxes like the rest of us (the Rays are a private company after all).

  • Disproportionate Bed Tax Allocation. Rays want $600 million including interest to pay for part of the stadium​; or $20 million for 30 years (22% of the annual budget despite baseball of only of interest to 3% of visitors.)

    • What's a Fair Deal? The Rays should split the team profits and share the profits if the team is sold since the city and county are paying for 50% of the stadium cost. (*Note: as proposed the Rays keep all the profits.)

  • Fiduciary Duty: Suggest that they slow down and make sure they have all the facts before any vote. There is no rush, even though the Rays say there is.



Here’s where Pinellas County commissioners stand on a Rays stadium deal

Tampa Bay Times, March 19, 2024

Timeline for Rays deal stays hazy, while Pinellas officials wait

Tampa Bay Times, March 6, 2024

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