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Community Benefits Information Sessions

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The Community Benefits Program requires developers to provide community benefits for projects that receive public assistance. Benefits may include activities in the following areas: affordable housing, environmental resiliency and sustainability, public infrastructure, equitable workforce development, equitable economic opportunities, and neighborhood health and safety.


The public was able to express thoughts and concerns during the public comment portions of the CBAC meetings that were held in February 2024. 

Citizen quotes from the meetings:

"Even though those are rent-restricted, they’re not rent restricted for people making less than $20 an hour. Which is the majority of my service industry friends, right? That’s baristas, some public-school staff even. A lot of the black seniors are either on fixed income or just haven’t really broken through in the economy."

"Right now, you know how many people are homeless or they have to live with family just to make ends meet. It's difficult. So I don't feel like this is for the benefit of the people, but is probably for people that have money"


More Information: Learn more about the CBAC by visiting the Community Benefits Agreement Program webpage.

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