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Ron Diner on 10 Tampa Bay (April 8)
discussing how renegotiation of the Rays Hines terms can make it a win-win for St. Pete

Ron Diner on the JP Peterson Show (May 6)
discussing the newly released Rays Hines 'Development Agreement'

Tom Mullins on the JP Peterson Show (March 1)
discussing why the Rays Hines deal doesn't represent St. Pete's best long-term interests.

Ron Diner on The Ray Tampa Podcast
where they discussed "Why the Deal Matters" and how to get it right.

Ron Diner spoke to WUSF Florida Matters about the make-or-break decisions that will be made on the redevelopment plans over the coming months and why he's asking City Council to do their fiduciary duty to the taxpayers and take their time.


Should the Public Fund Professional Sports Stadiums, JPAM Interviews JC Bradbury

The Hidden World of Stadium Deals, Good Sport Interviews David Samson

Time to Ditch Stadium Subsidies, Econception Interviews John Mozena

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