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Slow down the process - vote NO on July 18th.

Send your email in the below form and we will forward to City Council.  

The following are some thoughts to include in your email... 

Vote 'NO' on the proposed deal until you have what is needed for you to do your evaluation:

1. An updated appraisal.

2. An environmental report and recommendations.

3. A parking and traffic study.

4. Outside legal advice to help you through the documents.

5. Outside economic advice - is this deal best for the community. 

6. An analysis of community priorities; including affordable housing and the $5B needed for stormwater and sewer repairs and upgrades considering the ever-increasing risk hurricane risk.


The Rays/Hines deal will cost $1.6 billion - $6,000 for every man, woman and child in St. Pete​.

We need a better, fairer deal!

We need your leadership to make people's lives better.

We need your courage to do what's right for our community.

City Council Members

Thanks for submitting!

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