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Ed Montanari and Gina Driscoll are critical votes on the Rays/Hines deal. 

Ed and Gina - We know you are committed to what's best for St. Petersburg.

We Need Your Leadership and Your Courage! 

Help save each of our families $24,000 for what really matters

Ed Montanari

"People over politics"

"The voice of reason and common sense leadership  on the St. Petersburg City Council"


"Keep spending in check and taxes low"

Ed Montanari.jpg

Gina Driscoll

"A budget that...demonstrates strong fiscal stewardship

"Make our city an even better place for everyone to live, work, and play

"Making sure everyone's voices are heard"


To defeat the current Rays/Hines proposal and get a fair deal, 4 of the eight members of City Council must vote NO.

Three (3) members are seemingly ready to vote yes, and three (3) have expressed concerns.  

It looks like Ed Montanari, District 3, and Gina Driscoll, District 6, will decide the fate of our city.

Ed and Gina - We need your leadership to save $1.6 billion ~ $24,000 per family ~ $6,000 for every man, woman and child in St. Petersburg.

We need your leadership and fiscal conservative expertise to save $1.6 billion so we can fix the flooding, keep taxes under control, and so much more. 

We need your courage to do what's right for our community.

We need a fair deal for everyone in St. Petersburg.   

We know that Ed and Gina care about the city. They treat the city's finances as if it was their own money.

They are diligent about studying what is best for St. Petersburg. 


They want to make sure the city has enough money in reserves, and after making sure we have adequate fire and police protection, that we have the funds to pay for the $5 billion in stormwater and sewer repairs that are so vitally needed -soon - to prevent flooding around the city.  (Currently the city says it will take 30 years to address all of the needs).  


They are not focused on the shiny object. They want to make sure we have funds set aside when the storms come and they want to make sure we have the necessary funds to rebuild the marina and build a new municipals service building.

While they want to keep baseball in the Tampa Bay area, they want a fair deal for the city - the last thing they want is for the city to be taken advantage of. 

We need their leadership to make sure all of this happens - to say no to the current proposed Rays/Hines deal that will cost every man woman and child in St. Petersburg $6,000 - a total of $1.6 billion that we need to meet all of the objectives they care for.

We need their leadership to say no the current deal and say to the city - we need to renegotiate a fair deal.

If you agree with No Home Run and want to help - email Ed and Gina below. 

Here are some points you can include in the email. 

  • Save $6000 for every man, woman and child in St. Petersburg that we need for the $5 billion of sewer and storm water repairs, and/or to underwrite affordable housing, or scholarships for kids, or to just save on our taxes. We need to keep focus on our priorities.  

  • We love baseball and we want to keep it in the Tampa Bay area, but we need a fair deal.

    •  Before we sell Rays/Hines 64 acres, we need a new appraisal of the land so we are sure they are                 paying fair value.

    • Because the city is paying for a lot of the stadium costs and the infrastructure, the city needs to share in all of the stadium and team profits and/or the profits if the team is sold.  (The Rays keep everything in the current deal.)

    • Because the Rays are renting a valuable property for the stadium and not paying property taxes, the Rays should pay rent at least equal to the lost property taxes.

  • The Gas Plant property is ready for development and what's driving the growth around the property is the pier, the museums, the restaurants, the great vibe and the great work-live-play all around - not the Rays.    Therefore while the Rays would be good to have as part of the development, that should not stop us from renegotiating.  

  • While we want to keep baseball in Tampa Bay, the team would attract more attendees if it were in a more central Tampa Bay location - like the former Dog Track on Gandy - or in Tampa - saving $1.6 billion.  

  • How are we going to handle all of the parking congestion without anymore lot parking?  Shouldn't we get a congestion study?

  • You are the voice of reason and common sense. 

  • You want to make our city a better place for everyone - let's spend $1.6 billion wisely.

Concrete Wall
Concrete Wall

Change the Deal

Ed & Gina, I'm writing to ask for your leadership.

Thanks for submitting!

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