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Email St. Pete City Council and Pinellas County Commissioners

The City of St. Petersburg City Council and the Pinellas County Board of Commissioners are continuing to review the Rays Hines proposal for a new stadium and redevelopment of the Historic Gas Plant District land. A vote is not expected by either group until May. Let them know how you feel.

St. Petersburg City Council


While you can contact your individual city council member, we recommend you email City Council Administrator Officer Cynthia Shepard, which will go to all of them.

And we've included a downloadable sample letter you can use to get started, simply cut and paste into the email and tailor with your thoughts.  

** Please send a bcc to

St. Pete Council Member's Individual Email and Phone Numbers

Copley Gerdes 727 551 3528
Brandi Gabbard 727 893 4096
Ed Montanari 727 551 3305
Lisset Hanewicz 727 893 7232
Deborah Figgs-Sanders 727 893 7148
Gina Driscall 727 551 3306
John Muhammad 727 551 3304
Richie Floyd 727 551 3437

Pinellas County Commission



There here is no single email address so you will need to contact the Commissioners individually. 

Here is a sample letter you might use.  

County Commissioner Individual Email and Phone Numbers

Janet Long 727 464 3365
Brian Scott 727 464 3360
Charlie Justice 727 464 3363
Dave Eggers 727 464 3276
Chris Latvala 727 464 3278
Kathleen Peters 727 464 3568
Rene Flowers 727 464 4614

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