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Why renegotiation is necessary for the Rays/Hines deal

Why Renegotiation is Necessary for the Rays/Hines Deal

The Rays/Hines deal has been a topic of much debate and controversy in St. Petersburg and Pinellas County. Many residents and community organizations, such as No Home Run, believe that renegotiation is necessary to ensure that the deal benefits the local community and avoids a costly mistake. The current deal, is seen as a $2.4 billion mistake. It is important to understand why this deal is problematic and why alternative development concepts should be considered. One of the main concerns with the current deal is the lack of community benefits. The proposed development focuses primarily on the interests of the Tampa Bay Rays and Hines, without taking into account the needs and desires of the local residents. This one-sided approach neglects the potential for creating a vibrant and inclusive community that benefits everyone. Renegotiation is necessary to bridge the gap between the current deal and a fair deal. By bringing all stakeholders to the table, including community organizations like No Home Run, the Rays, and Hines, a more balanced and beneficial agreement can be reached. So, how can renegotiation be achieved? Here are a few thoughts and tips: 1. Community Engagement: It is crucial to involve the local community in the renegotiation process. This can be done through town hall meetings, surveys, and public forums. By actively seeking input and feedback, the new deal can better reflect the desires and aspirations of the community. 2. Transparency: Renegotiation should be conducted in a transparent manner, with all parties involved sharing information and being open to discussion. This will help build trust and ensure that the final agreement is fair and equitable. Renegotiation is necessary for the Rays/Hines deal to ensure that it benefits St. Petersburg and Pinellas County and avoids the $2.4 billion mistake, creating a positive and inclusive future for all. Together, we can advocate for change and make a difference in our community.



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