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Why the Rays/Hines deal is a $2.4 Billion Mistake

Why the Rays/Hines Deal is a $2.4 Billion Mistake

Introduction: In recent news, the proposed deal between the Tampa Bay Rays and Hines has been making headlines. However, there is growing concern that this deal could potentially cost St. Petersburg and Pinellas County a staggering $2.4 billion. As advocates for change and a positive impact in our community, No Home Run is here to shed light on why this deal may not be in the best interest of our city and why it's crucial to consider alternative development concepts.

Financial Implications The primary reason why the Rays/Hines deal is considered a mistake is the potential financial loss it could incur. With a price tag of $2.4 billion to community resources, it is essential to carefully evaluate the long-term economic impact on our community. This massive investment could be better utilized in other areas that would directly benefit St. Petersburg and Pinellas County, such as infrastructure development, education, or healthcare. Rays/Hines should pay a fair price for the property, a fair price to rent a new stadium, and fair real estate taxes on the stadium. Lack of Community Input Another significant concern is the lack of community input in the decision-making process. As residents, we deserve to have a say in matters that directly affect our city. No Home Run believes that any development project should be a collaborative effort between the stakeholders and the community. By neglecting community input, we risk overlooking alternative development concepts that could better align with the needs and aspirations of our city. Missed Opportunities for Local Businesses The Rays/Hines deal may inadvertently overlook the potential economic benefits that could be generated for local businesses. By exploring alternative development concepts, we can create opportunities for small businesses to thrive, attract tourism, and stimulate the local economy. No Home Run believes in supporting our local entrepreneurs and ensuring that they have a fair chance to succeed. Conclusion: No Home Run is committed to advocating for change and making a positive impact in our community. The Rays/Hines deal, with its potential $2.4 billion financial loss of community resources, and lack of community input, raises valid reasons for reconsideration. By exploring alternative development concepts that prioritize the needs of St. Petersburg and Pinellas County, we can ensure a brighter future for our city. Let's work together to make informed decisions that benefit our community and preserve what makes St. Petersburg truly special.



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