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Advocates for a Better Deal for St. Petersburg

No Home Run represents a growing group whose only interest is what is best for St. Petersburg.

Karyn Mueller

Karyn Mueller is a licensed Professional Engineer in Florida with 20 years of experience working in commercial construction as well as engineering for both private and public firms. She served on the Community Benefits Advisory Council for the Historic Gas Plant District Redevelopment and believes that the community benefits are grossly inadequate compared to the amount of public investment in the form of publicly owned land and tax subsidies for a baseball stadium.

William C. (Bill) Ballard

William C. (Bill) Ballard is a St. Petersburg native and resident who practiced law in St. Petersburg from 1968-2006.  He was Board Certified in Civil Trial 1983-2003.  He served on the boards of local and regional banks, and as President of the St. Petersburg Bar Association and All Children’s Hospital.

Lyn Wilkinson & Adrian Gansen

Lyn Wilkinson is a business owner, book worm, proud progressive, choir geek and a St. Pete resident since 2018.  She is opposed to billionaire welfare in all its myriad forms and proud to be part of the No Home Run movement to demand a better deal from the Rays/Hines group. Lyn's husband, Adrian Gansen, is a retired Wisconsin dentist who dreamed of living somewhere warm.  When Lyn encouraged him to explore St. Petersburg, he instantly fell in love with the laid-back vibe, cultural diversity and welcoming locals. They have called St. Petersburg home since 2018.

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