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Rays/Hines Deal Explained

Where will my tax money go?

No Home Run is hosting a series of Community Conversations on the terms of the deal and what they mean to us, the tax payer.

Join us on Zoom every Monday at 6 PM

To Attend Please Click Here on Monday  at 6 PM

Zoom Meeting Held May 20

Karyn Mueller reviews the questions asked by each of the city council members at the May 9 St. Petersburg Committee of the Whole meeting and the answers by the city staff and the Rays-Hines team. Also reviewed are the recommendations by the St. Petersburg Citizens Benefits Advisory Council [CBAC] and recent newspaper articles on this proposal Karyn is a licensed Professional Engineer [PE], an experienced reviewer of projects for the City of Miami, and a member of the CBAC which reviewed the proposed Rays-Hines deal. Watch it below.

Zoom Meeting Held May 13

Alan Delisle, former St. Petersburg Administrator discusses how badly the city has negotiated the Rays/Hines proposal. Watch it below.

Zoom Meeting Held May 6

Alan DeLisle, former St. Petersburg Administrator, walked us through the Hines/Rays development details.

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